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Medieval reenactment
(The Sword in the Stone)

The good fortune of registering in the city the presence of an association such as La Spada nella Rocca, which has always offered admirable medieval historical reenactment in the City’s castles, makes it possible to further characterize the BELLINZONA CASTLES & GO event by proposing along its competition routes figurants in medieval costume: Emperor Frederick I known as “Barbarossa” (who in 1176 A.C. passed through Bellinzona), knights on horseback or on foot, musicians, various types of citizens, peasants, artisans, storytellers, clergymen, etc.

The presence of the animations of La Spada nella Rocca is not meant to be an end in itself, but aimed at reaffirming the medieval and historical character of the event, to animate and revive the fortress of the City by those figures who historically populated its castles at the time.

In case of bad weather, the medieval animations may be reduced or cancelled.
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