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Trophies for the winners (rock crystal arrowhead)

First of all, not many Bellinzona locals know that the origin of what would later become the current city of Bellinzona took place on the rocky peak of Castel Grande Castle, around the year 5250 B.C.
The settlement on the rock of what is still considered today to be the oldest and most important Neolithic village in Switzerland was due to the possibility for our Stone Age ancestors to be sheltered from both the unhealthiness caused by the presence of a vast marshy area on the valley floor and the enemy attacks from below, but above all to the possibility of naturally preserving the rainwater in the concave rocks still present on site.
A splendid rock crystal arrowhead found during the excavations at Castel Grande Castle in the mid-1980s symbolically represents, at its best, this important phase of our history.
In its gold version, the trophie awarding (1st place) the various age categories of the 11 KM RUNNING RACE of BELLINZONA CASTLES & GO represents precisely, in a stylized form, the rock crystal arrowhead obtained from the logotype of the event, placed on a porphyry cube of the original old paving of Viale Stazione (Railway Station Avenue) in Bellinzona

A further, significant cultural and historical implication characterizing the BELLINZONA CASTLES & GO event!
Without forgetting that the arrow is a symbol of… speed!
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