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Castles & GO Village

The center of the BELLINZONA CASTLES & GO event, the venue for the Castle & GO village where the post-competition gnocchi-party lunch and the awards ceremony for the first three runners ranked in each category under the Regulations will be presented, is Piazza del Sole (Sun Square).

Epicenter of city events and architectural element that divides the City of Turrita into its old and new part, the work - situated at the foot of the imposing rocky peak of the Castel Grande Castle - was created by architect Livio Vacchini in 1999 and represents the only new square built in Ticino in modern times.

In the cozy tensile structure laid on site, in addition to being able to savor, starting at approx. 12.00 noon, the tasty gnocchi al ragù (with meat sauce - with options for vegans/vegetarians) offered to the participants in the competitions, from approx. 12.30-01.00 p.m. one will be able to attend the award ceremony of the winners.

At the end of a fine morning of athletic commitment, everyone will find themselves in conviviality, continuing perhaps to listen to the music proposed by the Bellinzonese DOC groups already admired during the morning along the race routes and maybe wishing to extend their and others’ enjoyment even in the afternoon.

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