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Digital cultural educational path

In addition to the sports one, the connotation intended for the races of the BELLINZONA CASTLES & GO event is of a cultural, historical, architectural, landscaping, emotional and touristic nature.

The ad hoc laying, in targeted passing points of the race routes, of special temporary signs relating to a historical event, an anecdote,
a change in the architectural register or where exactly one finds himself at a precise moment and what could be found right there, etc. is taken up here in a more in-depth form, with the aim of creating a real new digital cultural educational path dedicated to the particular cultural, historical and architectural objects of attention identified, touched and highlighted by the BELLINZONA CASTLES & GO event and to the benefit of the participants in the latter and (why not?) to their companions.

The digital cultural educational path is expected to develop further edition after edition.

It could also evolve towards a permanent physical presence in the city for the benefit of locals and tourists as well.
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