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Public transportation
(TicinoEvent 20%)

The ’TicinoEvent’ ticket gives you the opportunity to attend your favorite show or event while saving on the cost of the ticket”.

Thanks to an agreement made with Arcobaleno Fare Community, participants of the BELLINZONA CASTLES & GO event will be able to benefit from this favorable initiative.

With a “TicinoEvent” day ticket, one is entitled to 20% discount on travel by any public transportation from anywhere in the canton to and from Bellinzona.

Available in 1st or 2nd class, the ticket entitles you to a round trip: everything you need to get to and from the event in comfort and with peace of mind...

The ticket can be purchased through Arcobaleno ticket distributors (in the “Other Tickets” category), at SBB ticket distributors, at sales counters, or through bus drivers at stops without ticket distributors.

The special “TicinoEvent 20%” ticket is only valid on the day of attendance at the event.
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